Ashli Buts is an artist and photographer
                                            based in Los Angeles, CA

                                            Ashli Buts grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains, surrounded by redwoods, the                                                                                   ocean, and creatively inspired by life, nature, and art. As a creative thinker, Ashli                                                                             enjoys being immersed in the process of it all: prop making, lighting, shooting,                                                                                 editing and brand research. Ashli strives to find the balance between the intuitive
                                            and the technical. Exploring juxtapositions in life, how we live, what we consume
                                            and how we interact with the earth and each other, is integral to her work. Ashli’s
                                             product, still life, and landscape photography coincides with the relationship
                                            we have with the natural world. Blending color theory, lighting and storytelling, her
                                            desire is to inspire others to think critically, have a conversation, and spark creative